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Re: [IP] bubbles in reservoir

Julie, I called Minimed regarding this after I started wearing the pump back 
in April of this year.  They stated that if you would have little champagne 
type bubbles is okay, it is the bigger bubbles that you should be concerned 
with.  They have a sheet of information available for the asking, with some 
additional helpful hints, to keep from having the bubbles in the reservoir 
and the tubing.  As example is to have a new vial warmed up to room 
temperature, and another is a new vial is packed with added air in it and 
that you will need to equailize it by removing some of it prior to filling 

From: email @ redacted
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>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] bubbles in reservoir
>Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 19:48:33 EST
>I've been on my MiniMed508 since late June. After 45 years of diabetes
>management, syringes, lots of insulin reactions and the necessity to eat 
>to cover the variety of insulins, I am absolutely THRILLED with my pump.
>However, I am still diabetic, and even good stuff with pump usage cannot
>change that. It certainly does make life easier.
>Have found that although I check to make certain there are no bubbles in 
>reservoir on filling it, in a day or so, I notice a big bubble in the
>reservoir and some air throughout the infusion set. Last week the air space
>was SO big, I decided to wait until it reached the disconnect and then I
>disconnected it and primed for 5.0 units till it was out.
>Does anyone check for air in the infusion set? Does it matter? Would hate 
>bolus for a meal and have it not push insulin through, but air instead. I
>swear, there is absolutely NO air in reservoir when I fill it.
>email @ redacted
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