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[IP] Re: Scales

Robin wrote:

<<<I currently have the Soehnle Attache Gram Scale, but have scale envy and
would LOVE to get the Soehnle Diet-Health Computer Scale (ultimate scale).
Is it really worth the difference in money? Kevin eats the same cereal every
day. You are saying with this scale you can program in the information from
the box and it automatically tells us the carbs?  Has anyone used both or
the fancier one that could tell me if it IS worth this $129?>>>

I use 2 scales, the diet-health scale and a tanita pocket size scale, I really
use the feature of letting the computer figure out the carbs, although it's
very simple to do, I have never remembered the code numbers for the food items
I use, (except the code number for "apple" that I use to demonstrate the
product to others :-).  If you have the list of carb factors from Pumping
Insulin and you are willing to do the calculations for the once in a while
you'll need it, it may be a waste of money to get the other one.

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