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[IP] re: funny story- and being ready for emergencies?

<<"Julie Britt" <email @ redacted>
How in the wqorld did someone like me end up with 
someone so deathly afraid of needles???  I guess this is God's way of 
helping him get over his fears ;)....  What can I do to make 
him ready for emergencies... he's good at fetching juice and food, 
but I'm worried about what will happen if something serious happens.  
What do you tell/teach your loved ones to do in case you are 
incapacitated in some way?>>

Well, Julie, I have to admit - I was terrified of needles,
and nearly passed out anytime I saw blood, especially my
own or my kids, right up until Oct. 15, 1999.  As you might
guess, that's the day that Luke was diagnosed with Type 1 DM,
and suddenly I had to show a not quite 5 year old how to poke
his fingers and give shots.  Turns out the best way to get a child
to do it is for them to see their parents do it.  So, we did.
My husband & I got to be pin-cushions for a while (no insulin,
just poked). I've had zero problems with any fear of that since.  

For Luke's older brother & sister, and Luke himself, we occasionally
have practice nights with insulin shots, glucagon shots &
finger testing.  Usually it's when we get an expired glucagon
kit or an old insulin bottle.  Oranges work really well for
testing, as do old teddy bears that no one worries about
hurting (it can't be the favorite lovey that they've always
slept with).  This kind of straightforward practice seemed
to be the best way to get them past handling needles.  

We also find that any new caregivers need to test themselves
a few times, and then they become comfortable with having to
test Luke in case of emergency (which they never end up having
to do, but we must be prepared).

So, get a few pounds of oranges & give it a try.  They
don't scream.  LOL.
Good luck!
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, pumping 3/01

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