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[IP] Re: funny story- and being ready for emergencies?

In a message dated 11/19/01 7:26:08 PM, "Julie Britt" <email @ redacted> 

<< My problem/worry is that I'm not sure how he could handle giving me a 
glucagon injection. >>

Though he learned to give me insulin injections with no problem soon after we 
married, my husband balked at the glucagon kit when it became available.  
What he has done, though, is put glucose gel between my jaw and cheek, which 
was always enough (back in those pre-pump days when I lost consciousness from 
hypoglycemia -- haven't done that in 3 years of pumping :-)) to get me up to 
the point of being able to drink something.  There's some choking risk 
involved, I guess, but glucagon has its problems, too.  I think the problem 
times were when I was not unconscious but combative while clearly out of my 
mind, a condition that has also not recurred since pumping and which I don't 
miss at all.

Linda Z
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