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[IP] NMARTMOM & school

<<Thank you so much, Susan. We are really looking forward to it. How is it 
going with you at the school? It is getting worse and worse here :(.

We have finally gotten a 504 in place.  It was just signed last week.  The 
health portion is still to be worked out though.  Cory's endo has repeatedly 
sent medical instructions to the school nurse.  Unfortuantely, the school 
nurse feels everything should be covered in a one page bulleted type plan.  
The endo's instructions include about 4 - 5 pages of instructions.  
Currently, the school nurse will not allow Cory to insert an infusion set if 
his comes out or he's having problems.  I was shocked last week to learn that 
the school nurse would have him do an injection for ketones and use the pump 
to bolus for a high.  I told her that if he has ketones he has to inject for 
the high and for ketones and then change his infusion set and check his pump. 
She said that was not correct!  Since she won't believe me, this is one the 
doctor will have to clear up.  Don't you just love the hassel the schools put 
us through?  
Take care,
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