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Re: [IP] Reality

Deanna I have been on the pump for 15 1/2 years and I will tell you that when 
I went on the pump it was because I was pregnant for my son I know I would go 
off the pump as soon as I delivered my son I would not be stuck to this pump 
for the rest of my life NO WAY!!!!!!  Well 8 months later after my son was 
delivered emergency c-section I stayed with the pump.  I went through another 
pregnancy with it then a few years later my husband left me I had a whole new 
fear to face, would a man really want me with this thing attatched to me, 
would he want to really be intiment with me with this thing stuck out of my 
stomach? Put up with this thing in bed with me if I ever got in a serious 
relationship again???  I still think of things like that but I guess if that 
person really is going to love ME than he will take my pump too because I am 
a diabetic of 28 1/2 years with no complications as of yet and the pump makes 
me so much healthier!!!!!  It is worth it and I have weighed out the pros and 
cons many times! The pump and my health won!!!!

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