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[IP] funny story- and being ready for emergencies?

Here's a cute story I just had to share... My boyfriend and I just recently 
went on vacation to North Carolina for a week.  On the way back, I was 
driving, and I felt hungry.  I knew I wasn't low, but might be on my way 
down, so I wanted to test.  I didn't want to get off the interstate, and 
didn't see any reason to since I wasn't low and had a granola bar beside me. 
  I asked my boyfriend to just prick my finger and test me.  Well, he's 
abslutely terrified of needles!  He had to close his eyes to do it... you'd 
think he was handling a snake from the way he acted.  Then after he did it 
he almost passed out.  How in the wqorld did someone like me end up with 
someone so deathly afraid of needles???  I guess this is God's way of 
helping him get over his fears ;)

My problem/worry is that I'm not sure how he could handle giving me a 
glucagon injection.  At first he thought it was an emergency insulin shot.  
Then I had to explain (before our trip!) that it was an emergency sugar shot 
in case I got too low and passed out.  He outright said that he wouldn't 
give it to me.  Now, if it really happened (though I've never passed out 
before), would he come to his senses and give it to me?  When we went on our 
trip we were in a house in the mountains about 45 minutes from a hospital.  
We'll be going here a lot.  What can I do to make him ready for 
emergencies... he's good at fetching juice and food, but I'm worried about 
what will happen if something serious happens.  What do you tell/teach your 
loved ones to do in case you are incapacitated in some way?


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