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[IP] New to group but not to diabetes

Hi all,

  I just joined your list last night.  I live in Herdon, VA about 15
miles west of Washingtion, DC and I am a long term insulin dependent
diabetic.  I was diagnosed at age 18 months and have had diabetes for 44
years now.  I am under good to moderate control with 3 daily injections
of 6U Humalog at meal times and one injection of 20U Lantus at bedtime.  

  Until about five years ago I was one of the lucky ones that managed to
stay in control no matter what I did.  But with age and an increasingly
unpredictable family schedule, (we have two wonderful girls ages 16 and
12), I am starting develop some "minor" complications of a slowed
digestive system and a lessening of feeling in my feet and we are trying
to regain tighter control.  I half jokingly told my husband that what we
needed was to pretend I was pregnant for the next nine months...you
should have seen the look he gave me. ;-)

  I am slowly learning to accept that, at least for now, my normal
schedule is at best one of constrained chaos and does not look to
improve in the near future.  I am hoping that the insulin pump may be
the answer.  

  My brother (IDDM for 31 years) has just started to use the Amimus pump
and is well pleased but it seems bulky to me.  I guess I am being vein,
but I was hoping to be able to conceal it.  I teach automated knitwear
design with an emphasis on proper fit and am scrutinized regularly at
the various seminars.  I am not so foolish through as to sacrifice good
and reliable performance.  Have been reading about the static issues
with some of the meters and believe that this will probably be an area
of concern especially while wearing a pump under my sweater knits.

  Is there a chart or a "Comsumer Reports" style document anywhere that
compares and contrasts the various makes and models of meters on the

  Thanks for your input,
  - Ann
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