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[IP] Re: blood sugars and menopause

In a message dated 11/19/01 9:09:33 AM, meg teg <email @ redacted>writes:

<< i need to talk to anyone experiencing very high sugars
I think due to late periods.  >>

Well, my experience has been that perimenopause sometimes causes my 
premenstrual insulin needs, which were always higher, to go even higher 
(except for the times when it decreases).  When they are very high, it 
affects carb ratio and bg lowering ratios, which didn't used to be true for 
me when I was just raising basals 0.1/24hrs for the premenstrual week.  And 
the duration and degree of my dawn phenomena also changes  -- I suspect it 
may leave altogether eventually, has that happened to anyone?  It is 
definitely a moving target <gr.>.  But it seems to be a changing pattern that 
lasts long enough that it can be discovered and adjusted for, till it changes 
again. I have found it much smoother to raise the basal than do correction 
boluses all the time, and it actually requires less insulin in total.  But 
doing that, it is of course imperative to check quite frequently, because the 
increased need can go away really quickly.  I usually don't raise it for 
quite as high a percentage at night for that reason, but I then usually need 
an additional bolus in the middle of the night.

Yeah, I'm tired of it.

But, don't forget other things can be the cause of highs, even during 
menopause.  My recent increased basal need and insulin insensitivity went 
down with antibiotics (even though my achiness has not, sigh).

Linda Z
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