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[IP] Opportunity to experiment

The Leonid meteor shower (spectacular!) gave me the opportunity to
experiment with the occurrence of my dawn phenomenon (dp). I don't handle my
dp with an increase in basals in the early morning hours. My dp seems to
kick in only when I get up. So I take a bolus at that time to cover it.
Normally I get up between 7 and 8am. Sunday morning the alarm woke me at
3:45am with a bg of 103. By the time I went back to bed around 5:45am my bg
was 229. I covered that with 1.2 units (1 unit=100 pt drop for me) which is
about what I take when I typically get up. After going back to bed, I woke
up with a normal bg, took a chance and bolused my usual amount. I wasn't
sure if the rise would occur again, but I assume it did because I had normal
bgs all morning. I'm glad I could experiment.

Laura Lillie

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