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[IP] Static electricity solution

Hey, Pam.  I'm going to echo David's answer.  Our experience has been that
static CAN be a real problem.  Katie was jumping on the trampoline last
summer and handed her pump to me.  When we touched -- ZAP -- a static shock.
A few minutes later, poor little Pumpkin was whining on the counter like a
tea pot!  Called the 800 number on the back and the man told me to take the
batteries out and let the static discharge.  Said it could take anywhere
from 8-24 hours.  Sure enough, about 8 hours later I put the batteries back
in and she was ready to be reprogrammed and used (Thank God!!!).  Katie now
uses her sports guard with a half a fabric softener sheet in it.  We also
put her clothes in the dryer with a dryer sheet *every time*.  No more
problems.  Hope this helps.

Alaska Debbie
Mom to Katie, 11, dx'd 9/97
Pumping with "Pumpkin" since 8/99
P.S.  Congratulations on going live!
>  Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 20:59:57 EST
>  From: email @ redacted
>  Subject: [IP] I have a question??
>      Hi Everyone,
 I have heard a lot about static causing 
>  problems with the pump and everytime I get up in the morning and put on
>  robe there is a lot of static. Is this going to be a problem? And for
>  reason every time I go some place in the car and get out when I go to
>  the door I get shocked. Will this be something that will cause a problem?

   going live on Nov.26th

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