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[IP] When does my body think dawn is?

    I've been wondering about this for a while and last night I really got curious.  I have my basals set to
increase at 4:30am because I usually get up at 5:30am.  This works pretty well M-F.  On weekends I don't
usually get up till about 8:00am but,  it still works to leave my basals where they are.  At worst, I wake up
a little low - around 70-80.  Well, last night I got up at 4am to watch the meteor shower. (It was preety good
but, I heard it was better at 3:00am - It got cloudy at 4am)  Anyway,  from the time I got up till I went back
to bed about 1/2 hour later my blood sugar increased 50 ponts.  I bolused for the high bs.  Went back to bed
and got up right on target 120.  So,  did my body accidentally think it was dawn when I got up but, then
realized it was really dawn later?  I'm  assuming the time the sun comes up has nothing to do with it. Dawn in
Northern Minesota in the winter time isn't until  about 7am.  How many hours before you get up do you usually
increase your basal?  What happens if you have one of those sleepless night and your awake from 3-5am and then
fall back to sleep an hour before you get up?

I looked in Pumping Insulin but, it didn't really explain this.

Babs Moffett
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