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Re: [IP] Osteomyelitis

In a message dated 11/18/01 9:06:32 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Well it looks like I am on the verge of my next rite of passage with 
 diabetes. After 40 years of IDDM my orthopaedic surgeon says he might have 
 to amputate my right great toe.  >>

Bummer on the osteo, Jim. I had that summer before last. Fortunately, the 
surgeon only had to remove part of the bone in my big toe. (Now I have a 
short, stubby, big toe on my left foot.) I had an X-ray, then a bone scan 
(they inject a radiated material into your bloodstream then take X-rays after 
a one- or two-hour wait). Then I had an MRI so the surgeon could pinpoint 
where the infection was. 

I was in the hospital for six days and on IV antibiotics for six months (had 
a central veneous line inserted out-patient to run the IV through). None of 
it was a lot of fun, but I got through it OK. 

I got my work done OK. I mostly work at home, but I took my IV stuff into the 
office when I needed to be there and thumbtacked it to the bulletin board 
over my computer so I could run IV while I worked. They do have antibiotics 
in balloon-type containers that you can just stick in your pocket so you're 
more mobile. I even ran IV during dinner one evening when we had a dinner 
guest. The guest was a doctor, so I figured he could handle it. LOL (For the 
curious, the antibiotics have to be run at particular intervals.)

Sorry that you've "joined the club." My best wishes to you. Take care of your 
own DM in the hospital -- they won't know what they're doing. <g>

Jan and Elvis
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