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[IP] money

Thanks to you all of you who gave me help and encouragement on making my $25
donation.  I was able to successfully complete that transaction.  I am in need
of a bit of help and I am hoping that some of you may be able to do that.
First, I do not really know how to count carbs if I am not eating something
out of a package that has it listed on the label.  I have been reading
something about a scale.  Any help here would be appreciated.  The other thing
I wanted to write about was excercise.  Two or three years ago I used to walk
regularly but I had to be careful that my BS was in a reasonable range before
I started.  I would take a glass of orange juice to the treadmill with me as
after a couple of miles my BS could get quite low.  Also, the effects of this
walking lasted quite a long time and I could take less insulin in general.
With exercise I just seemed to need less.  Then my daughter contracted
Leukemia and I moved to her home to take care of her and her family.  My good
excercise and eating habits quickly disappeared and I ate any food that people
were kind enough to bring us.  After my daughter died my depression was such
that I could not even contemplate my own health problems as I now had three
babies to think about.  However, life goes on.  My son in law and I were able
to find a very suitable nanny and I came home and went back to work.  About 5
weeks ago I started walking again and I am now walking about 3 miles at least
4 to 5 times a week.  The strange part is that exercise is now making my BS
levels go up.  Today, for example, my BS was 120 pre exercise, then, after
walking 3 1/2 miles in a lttle over an hour my BS was 185.  Yesterday morning
it was 88 when I got up and 213 after walking.  These are typical results.
Also, There does not appear to be a decreased need for insulin after exercise.
My DE is convinced it is the kind of bread that I eat but this is ridiculous
as I eat other things and I excercise at different times and it is almost
always with the same results.  Plus, I don't even eat that bread now and
nothing has changed.   Very occasionally, actually only twice recently, my BS
has gone down with walking.  Is this normal?  Does anyone have some words of
wisdom?  Janie Marks, TX
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