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[IP] Could this woman be Diabetic?

Hi Folks,
   About a week ago at a womans get together party I had a bad insulin
reaction.  I'm pregnant and one of the ladies there said she had had
gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with her daughter who is now a
little over a year.  I couldn't help but notice that she was extremely thin.
She told me that she hadn't always been this way...the weight loss had
started 7 years ago, and in the last 3 years she has been experiencing
fatigue, leg pains, and numbness in her hands.  I questioned her more about
her "gestational diabetes" and she said that the doctors had told her she
had a very mild form of it and she would just have to watch her diet.  When
her pregnancy ended, they told her her diabetes was gone too.  I asked if
she would like to test her blood sugar right now and she agreed.  She tested
at 140.  I don't think of 140 as being very high but it seems high for a
"normal" person.  I asked her if she felt thirsty a lot and she said "not
particularly" but she has always been known to have to use the bathroom
frequently.  She also said that she "definately has hypoglycemia" and gets
shaky and dizzy if she doesn't eat every 2 hours.  I urged her to see a
doctor and run some more tests and she is definately going to do this.

She is a puzzle to me and I thought I would bring her case to this list to
see what you all have to say.  A lot of her symptoms seem like they could be
dm related and yet it has been going on for several years without treatment.
Another possibitlity I thought of was an over-active Thyroid.  Obviously she
is going to need a thorough medical exam to determine what might be causing
her symptoms but there are so many people so knowledgeable on this list I
wanted to pose her case to you to get some insights.

Thanks for your consideration of this woman!
kindest regards,
email @ redacted
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