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[IP] My pump is dying!

The audio on my pump went out this evening!!  No, I don't use the audio bolus
feature -- but what if something goes wrong?  I won't get an alarm!

I called the MM help desk -- and he did basically nothing to help.  Just asked
if I had changed battery holders (I only got ONE battery holder with my pump.
No, I didn't change holders.)  Since my pump is out of warranty, he couldn't
help me and they can't send me a replacement - unless I pay the $495 out of
warranty fee!  Sorry, I don't have that much extra money right now!

Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions?

I am going to call my endo in the morning -- since my pump really does have a
problem now, and we don't need the diabetes educator to check it out - maybe
he'll go ahead and get the paperwork started so I can get an upgrade now!  I
sure hope so!  I'm scared to go to sleep tonight!  What if something goes
wrong and I get an alarm -- but can't hear it cause the audio is screwed up?

Sorry guys -- getting REALLY frustrated here!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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