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[IP] My pump is freezing up!

Hi All I need some help again,
   My pump keeps freezing!! Two days I go I went to reconnect after my
shower and I couldn't get it to un-suspend. After about ten minutes it
worked again. Then yesterday I went to bolus and I was pushing all the
buttons but nothing would happen... aahhh!! The after about five munites
of pushing the buttons it worked again. Thank goodness it started up again
both times but this shouldn't be happening right? I am worried it will
freeze and not start up again, then what?? 
   Any ideas on what is causing this?? Is this one of those times that I
should call the 1-800 number on the back of my pump? (I have never used
that number before..)

All advice appreciated

Sarah Arnal (pumping MM508 since  05/15/01, IDDM since 05/12/93)

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