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[IP] re: Quickset vs. Sil/tender/comfort

<<email @ redacted
For people (mom is jealous of her!) who are lucky enough to have very little 
extra flesh on the abdomen, does the Quick set work well?>>

Our son Luke is a pretty lean 7 year old boy, and he uses
QuickSets quite successfully on his abdomen, buttocks & "love
handles".  We have 2 spots on his abdomen that seem like they
always produce a bent cannula, which we suspect is muscle
aligned in some way that it bends.  We keep a "belly map" for
him so that we can avoid these areas.  Otherwise, the QuickSets
work quite well for Luke - 6mm cannula.  He uses 43" tubing now
which helps him manage how much the tubing gets tugged on.

You might at least ask for a sample.  We've never used anything
but a 90degree angle cannula on Luke.
Shelly V, Austin,TX, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01,
QuickSets 4/01

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