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Re: [IP] REAL Reality for Deanna

> Matt,
> I think your post would more aptly describe its content if you
> titled it "MY Reality."  I appreciate the fact that with 3,500
> members, everyone's experience adjusting to the pump will be
> different, and I acknowledge that you have had some difficulties.
> That being said, your experience and my experience do not represent
> THE reality--for Deanna or for anyone else.  It is simply your
> experience and my experience.

I suspect Matt's experience is quite representative of a fairly good 
size group of people that get along well on MDI. Part of the reason 
this occurs is that they are blessed with a relatively stable insulin 
requirement that does not zig and zag a lot, thus making the 
transition to pump therapy less that stunning. The flip side of that 
is the so called "brittle" (hate that description) diabetic whose 
insulin requirements vary a lot and for whom a pump is a god-send. 
This latter group covers a lot of people, particularly kids and 
others with periodic or unpredictible hormonal changes or schedules 
that are not static. I would not consider Matt's comments negative, 
on the contrary, they represent the reality for many people lucky 
enough to have relatively stable endocrine systems. It's the same old 
story, YMMV :0)

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