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Re: [IP] REAL Reality for Deanna

 I didn't just wake up and feel like a new man without a disease.  All my
problems and
> inconveniences didn't go away.  But, unlike the majority of the people who
respond on here, I have
> a hard time simply overlooking the challenges.
> I'm sure I've ruffled some more feathers with this one.  So, I'll be
> for the onslaught.

Actually, Matt, I agree with you. I have read very little frank talk about
the quality of life issues associated with the pump. Like you, I injected
for 37 years and was in good control, but I was motivated to pump because of
vision loss. The results are mixed. I don't have as many lows, but my A1C
actually has gone up. If that slows my retinopathy, so be it.

But what bothers me are the "little things" like playing with my sons. I
can't do some simple things for fear one of them will kick my pump or worse
my infusion site. Exercising is much more challenging, too. And tangled
tubing, tape peeling, etc. etc. Oh, and I don't think having a tube hanging
down, even a short one, enhances sex appeal.

So to me it is a mixed bag. Shots vs. pump is really not the point. To me,
it's the long-term results. So I'll keep pumping simply so I can see my boys
grown up. And who knows, maybe the "new" Minimed will accelerate the
closed-loop system that will finally approximate "normal." Although my sons
will still kick me in the gut...

JP, diag. 10/64, pumping since 5/01
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