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Re: [IP] REAL Reality for Deanna

I guess for me, after putting up with shots and diabetes for 37 years, I 
was so ready for a change.  I had heard good things about the pump and was 
very ready to try it.  In fact, I had to convince my endo that it was a 
good thing for me!  So, I guess I think that frame of mind when you go into 
pumping has something to do with how well you adjust, too.  I wanted it so 
badly (as members of the list can attest to) and the benefits seemed so 
much greater than any of the small inconveniences involved with 
pumping.  Yes, it will take a bit of time to get used to wearing it.  Yes, 
it will take a bit of time to get basals set and get used to the operation 
of your pump.  I've had my pump for almost 2 years now, and I have to 
remember it's there.  But, I also wear contact lenses which also took some 
time to get used to.  My husband says he thinks wearing glasses is so much 
easier than contact lenses, but I prefer contact lenses.  So, like contact 
lenses, a pump may not be for everyone.  I was lucky enough to be able to 
try a pump before I bought it through a program at my endo's office.  I 
used a loaner there, had it filled with saline and was hooked up through an 
infusion set, just like the real thing.  It let me see before I made that 
decision, what was involved in wearing it and also helped me to decide that 
it was what I wanted to do.  YMMV.

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