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Re: [IP] Generational DM

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Sent: Friday, November 16, 2001 2:42 PM
Subject: [IP] Generational DM

> >>> I think it is more difficult to watch someone you love suffer with a
> chronic illness than to experience it yourself. >>>
> However, although many parents wish it were them with DM, we don't hear of
> too many who have it (and are parents) extolling how happy they are they
> have it (at all). We do hear how some hate their lives, hate how their
> routine takes from their families, etc. It just doesn't seem anyone wants
> no matter the circumstances or generation. Of course, YMMV! (~_^)

Well, I'm the one who has it, not my son (and I hope he never gets it), and
I'm very grateful for that fact. I think my mother felt guilty that I got it
and not her, and she never acknowledged the fact that I had it, nor asked
how I was doing -- but I forgive her because her own health was quickly
deteriorating at the time.

Of course no one WANTS it (you'd have to be insane!), but MUCH better me
than my son. I'm sure I can cope with it better than he could, and I just
hope he takes after his father and not me.

So I guess you COULD say I'm happy that it was me and not him.

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