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Re: [IP] Disetronics UltraFlex

The key with Disetronic is your Customer Number.  They have _never_ 
been able to find me in their system with my name or phone number, 
but I haven't had a problem since I memorized my Customer Number

Look on an old invoice to find your Customer Number.

As far as the UltraFlex, I ordered a box online, and didn't have any 
problem getting it without a prescription, though Disetronic did call 
me to confirm some things (perhaps I gave them my customer number 
when they called because they couldn't find me in their database?) -- 
anyway, after I finish the box of Tenders I'm working on, I'm 
switching to the UltraFlex and never going back...


>I just got off the phone with Disetronics.  The customer service 
>person requested my name and when she couldn't find me in the 
>computer she asked for my phone number.  When she couldn't find that 
>in the computer she told me I would have to have a perscription from 
>my doctor in order to get a sample of the new set!!  I asked her if 
>the set could be sent to the doctors office for me and she said they 
>still would need a doctors perscription.
>If anyone knows a specific person to call to get a sample of the new 
>set please let me know.
>I don't want to bug my doctor to write me a perscirption for sample 
>infusion sets.
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