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Re: [IP] exercise question

The key that I've found for my cycling (at 70 - 80 % of my max heart 
rate) at 11 a.m. is to eat a Rice Crispy Treat before, and then 
another Rice Crispy treat just before I finish.  I usually ride about 
18 miles, so this is after about 45 minutes of exercise.

I set my pump to deliver 10% of my normal basal during the time that 
I exercise, and then at 120% for the 3 - 4 hours after the ride. 
But, this only works for me when I work out at lunch.  Other times, I 
need more insulin -- when I ride in the evenings, I typically set my 
basal to 20%, and have a piece of cheese -- this helps get me through 
till dinner.  But, when I ride first thing in the morning, I need to 
go into the workout with an extra 20 -30 grams of carb in my system, 
and then eat 15 -20 grams/hour of exercise.  After an early morning 
workout (or an evening workout) I don't need my basal increased.

So, it works out this way, in short;

Lunch ride - 70-80% MHR (max heart rate) - 15 g carb @ start, BG > 
150, 10% basal, 15 g carb after 45 minutes, 120% basal for 3-4 hours 
at finish, full lunch (60 g carb)

Evening ride  - 60-80% MHR - BG > 140, medium sized piece of cheese, 
no carbs, unless planning a hard workout, 10-20% basal depending on 
intensity, full dinner after

Early morning ride -- 60-80% MHR - BG > 150, 30 g carb @ start, 10% 
basal, 15+ g/hour carb for duration, basal @ 80% for 2 hours after 

Overall, I seem to be most dependant on time of day for my insulin 
needs -- type activity doesn't seem to affect things too much. 
Intensity does affect things, but not necessarily as much as I would 

Hope this helps,


>I was wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for keeping blood
>sugars level during exercise?  I find that I have a lot of trouble with
>lows when I'm out on the tennis court for more than an hour.  So far, the
>best thing that I've found is sports drinks, but since I don't stay
>connected to my pump, I'll occasionly go high.  How do other people
>handle long work-outs?  I also do a lot of jogging, and don't seem to
>have any problems there.  Any ideas why one activity causes more problems
>than the other?
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