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[IP] Supplies dilemma...

I told you guys about the fire I had on Oct. 26 that pretty much ruined the
interior of my house, including my supply closet. Well, I had three boxes of
sets in the closet.  Some of them definitely looked melted and smoked over,
but some looked okay. I was trying to decide if I should use any of them when
I called MiniMed.  MiniMed said they would send me new boxes if I then sent
them the ruined ones. Well, they came through and the exchange went fine.  The
problem is, they then sent three more boxes a few days ago with no bill or
anything. I don't think they meant to send them twice.  I am somewhat in a
dilemma.  I wonder if I should just send them back or keep them and hope they
don't notice. This is hundreds of dollars of supplies!  I don't want to later
be told I have to pay since the insurance won't pay for them not through my
mail order prescription service.  And I also feel a little like a cheat... on
the other hand, I could use the supplies. I was even wondering if I should
trade a box for some reservoirs with someone on the list....
The stress of all the insurance forms is making my numbers run a little funky,
not to mention the fact that when my pump died the other day I didn't have my
most recent basals written down (or couldn't find them) to reprogram the
replacement pump. That's another story entirely.
So, any advice out there, guys???

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who lost her supply closet but is having lots of fun with the insurance
property claim forms. Whoopee.
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