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[IP] Exercise and IDEA 2000

Peg and George and others,

EXERCISE and Competition

Managing exercise - even having diabetes for more than 6 years I always
learn something new. The BEST book I have ever seen/read about exercise and
diabetes is: The Diabetic Athlete, Prescription for exercise and sports by
Sheri Colberg, PhD, published by Human Kinetics this year. 
I manage my exercise using POLAR heart monitor M52 which COUNTS Calories and
also shows percentage of burned fat (the rest is carbohydrate). Using this
tool helped me mainly with biking and other non constant exercise (for
running it is easy to estimate hourly "consumption" of carbohydrates). I
have described usage of Polar Heart rate monitor at www.idea2000.org under
more info - there is more...     

Expedition IDEA 2000

Well you can find everything on www.idea2000.org.
I have pump only for couple of months, I was on "pen" on the mountain -
Humalog and Humulin. I was fine with the pen and the pumpers had a bit of
troubles with bubbles, because of pressure change in the altitude - they
should asses.

If anyone is interested we have a good pages www.diasport.cz - the only
problem is, that it is written in Czech... 

That's all for now.


I have replied to these messages:

Hi, and welcome to the site.  I like to run also.
Interested in how you manage your exercise. Do you
experience lows during exercise and highs later? Do
you compete? I find on race days sugars r high no
matter what i do. I guess it's the adrendaline. Keep
us posted. Thanks. peg

Welcome to Insulin Pumpers, Petr.  Though other members of IP 
have written about the expedition, I believe you are the first member 
of the IDEA 2000 team to join our group.  I hope that you will post 
some of your trip exploits here online.  I know that many of the 
members would enjoy reading of them, particularly how you might 
have managed differently with the pump as opposed to injections.  

George Lovelace

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