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[IP] To the Moms and Dads on the list

<< I, as Joshua's mom, decided to wear his backup pump to help him overcome 
his fears of site changes.  So for two weeks I wore the pump, checked BGs, 
logged everything, bolused using his ratios (oh, using saline of course) and 
then Josh changed my sites.  >>

Ever since I joined this list, the dedication and LOVE shown by you pumper 
parents has totally amazed me!  I know that all of you are so committed to 
your child's health--fighting the fight for them, learning all you can, 
advocating for them with health professionals, and on and on.  I think it is 
more difficult to watch someone you love suffer with a chronic illness than 
to experience it yourself.

HATS OFF to all of you wonderful Moms and Dads!!

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