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Re: [IP] Disetronics UltraFlex

>I just got off the phone with Disetronics.  The customer service person 
>requested my name and when she couldn't find me in the computer she asked 
>for my phone number.  When she couldn't find that in the computer she told 
>me I would have to have a perscription from my doctor in order to get a 
>sample of the new set!!  I asked her if the set could be sent to the 
>doctors office for me and she said they still would need a doctors 
>If anyone knows a specific person to call to get a sample of the new set 
>please let me know.
>I don't want to bug my doctor to write me a perscirption for sample 
>infusion sets.

Yeah. I had pretty much the same experience for the same reasons. 
The  customer service person seemed to have absolutely no interest in 
making the sale.

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