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RE: [IP] How my surgery went and how I am today - long

Kathy B wrote:
That must have been soooo weird to have stayed with so many people!  And
you'd think they would be more accomodating to you since you were
recouperating...you must have been going out of your mind...but then again,
was nice that they let you stay w/them so you weren't alone..so I guess no
complaints there.>>>

No complaints from me, too - since family doesn't give a hoot or three about
I disrupted a lot of lives doing this and was very grateful for their care.

>>>Now, about the EPO and nephrologist and all.....I was told by several
I know who are on dialysis or going on it that Medicare pays for
all....please check this out...and I'm sure that the insurance co can work
something out for all the other stuff such as dr.'s not being on their

Medicare does pay for dialysis - after 90 days and it's retroactive, but
nothing else.
>>>How did you get referrals for the surgery, etc.???  Just wondering.>>>
My neph referred me to the cardiac surgeon. I've been seeing neph 7 yrs. and
 he pushed it through while we still have ins. due to my hugsband's job
The hospital is in network. WHEW!

>>> I'm glad to hear that you are healed and that it all took well and you
back home and driving etc.....>>>
Well, not *healed* but doing nicely. If I had my druthers I'druther not be
doing any of this! ;)

(~_^) Jan
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