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[IP] Re: More stuff about Novolog

> I have found that w/novalog, it takes longer to act, stays in my system much
> longer, and I have to use more...
> And yet, I can control things better w/the novalog than with the humalog...

Kayla's been using Novolog for just over a month and we have found that
compared to the H/V mix she was on, the novolog DOES kick in faster,
DOESN'T last longer and yet her postprandials have come down from always
over 300 two hours out to almost always under 200 two hours out.  Her
basal rates have not changed, in fact her nighttime basal went up, but
we were already having highs that needed adjusting then.  However, her
total daily boluses have gone down about 20% because we aren't chasing
the highs.  I'm actually looking forward to her next A1C instead of
dreading it like usual!

I think it's very much a YMMV thing with the novolog.  Kayla was one of
the mixers because of site intolerance with the H.  Novolog just happens
to work for her where the humalog didn't.

mom to Kayla, 8yo, pumping 3 1/2 years
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