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Re: [IP] Reality

Deanna Said:
>I would like to hear from any of you who had a hard time with this 
> >transition and how you got through it. I know there's no way I can >ward 
>off fear and difficulty completely, but I would like to be better >prepared 
>for what to expect.

Hi Deanna,

I just started pumping yesterday (woohoo!) and I was really nervous before I 
started.  I had some real concerns about living my daily life with as few 
changes as possible.

Talking to people who are familiar with pumping is one big help.  This board 
is a great resource.  My CDE/Trainer gave me some reassurance when I brought 
my concerns to her, too.

One thing I was concerned about, was how was I going to get any sleep with a 
"thing" attached to me.  I did some experiments with blocks of wood I had my 
dad cut for me.  I attached it to a clip that I could wear and attached a 
24-inch piece of yarn, which I taped to my waist.  It may sound bizarre, but 
it really gave me a good idea of how I was going to do things.

When I finally got my pump, even though it wasn't attached to me, I wore it 
everywhere.  I practiced bolusing.  I found unique places to hide it if I 
wanted to.

If you want to email privately with any questions, Deanna, I'm at 
email @ redacted

AIM:  jspock1
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MSN:  email @ redacted

"Open up your mind and let your fantasies unwind."
         ---"Music of the Night" "Phantom of the Opera"

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