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RE: [IP] Reality

Reality is finding out that you have diabetes and accepting that fact.

The rest just comes because no matter how you get your insulin (MDI or
Pump), either you get it or you die.  Simple fact but not easy to deal with.

After 35 yrs of being a diabetic and being on pump almost one year, I can
tell you that you get used to your pump being attached to you.  Sometimes
it's a pain in the butt when you forget where it is attached or it gets
stuck or falls off (rarely) but other than that, no problem at all.

I would much rather be attached to the pump than do MDI again!  I am trying
everything I can think of to get my b.g. under better control as it is
totally unthinkable to me to go back to injections on a regular basis.

If you need any support, that's what we are all here for.

Good luck,
Kathy B.
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