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[IP] Need a good Neurologist or Pain Center in NYC or Philadelphia(sorry this is a book)

Hi Everyone, 
  Those who come to the chat will probably remember me, 
but for those of you who don't know the story i will 
post an abbreviated version of my story here. 
  On Feb 10 of this year i woke up and tried to put my 
right foot on the ground, but as soon as the heel hit 
the pain was excruciating. Well being the bullheaded 
fool that i am, i went and coached and refereed a 
basketball game.  I kept the heel from touching the 
ground.  Took my little old lady to church, and stopped 
on the way home to buy heel cushions.  Put the heel 
cushions in the shoe, and they did nothing.  That night 
I was in excruciating pain shooing up from the heel and 
crossing over to the front and going to the knee.  I 
woke my mother up because any weight on the leg...was 
too much...actually asked for a knife, but she brought 
me 3 tylenol instead.  I decided to give the foot a 
little time to heal, figured maybe the pain would get 
better.  Well It did not get better so i went to the 
regular doctor on Feb 14.  The doc noticed the heel was 
swollen and painful to  touch, but did not feel 
comfortable with doing too much. They gave me vioxx and 
told me to come in immediately if i noticed it swelling 
anymore then it was.   Said to call on Monday if it 
didn't get better for a referral to a podiatrist.  
   I decided that Monday was far too long to wait, so 
made an appointment with the podiatrist that Friday.  
Saw the Podiatrist Friday afterwork, she taped up the 
foot, told me to buy new shoes, even gave me a brand.  
Also told me to plant the heel, heck it hurt to let it 
touch the ground.  She wanted me to call if the elevated 
sugars continued anylonger.  The sugars did remain in 
the 400's so called her on Tuesday.  They had me come in 
and go for blood work and an x ray to rule out an 
infection in the foot.  They never called with the 
results of these test.  So i waited another week, had 
mom call to make an appointment with the foot doc..cause 
i was in agony.  I went to the office say the first foot 
docs partner.  He did an x-ray of the heel.  The x ray 
showed a heel spur..but also something in the middle of 
the foot.  Could have been some sort of cyst or 
something.  He was going to send me for an MRI, but then 
heard about the bloodwork and the other x ray.  Got the 
result of both of those and decided to cancel the MRI, 
come back and be casted for orthotics.  They said the 
office staff would call to see if they were covered 
under my insurance.  Before i got home that day.  The 
foot docs office called to say the orthotics were not 
covered under my insurance, but they would work out a 
payment plan, for the $450.  I had told them that I was 
not able to pay $450 for orthotics, they wanted $125 for 
the casting.  I called the office and cancelled that 
appointment.   Telling them i was unable to give up 
almost a whole paycheck for something like orthotics.  I 
then waited another 2 weeks, before calling for another 
appointment to see if we could find a less expensive way 
of handling this foot.  When i went to the office that 
day the doctor got really huffy with me.  Saying she 
would not approve surgery on my foot...until i tried 
everything, meaning the $450 dollar custom orthotics.  I 
had never even mentioned the surgery to her, and was not 
a fan of that anyway.  She told me she would not give me 
a cortizone shot because of my D, Funny thing is I had 
just been given a cortizone shot for my shoulder and had 
a severe reaction. So GP and Endo both told me to avoid 
cortizone.  She then said well you can try Physical 
therapy.  While she was writing the script for the 
physical therapy she suddenly realized they had non 
custom orthotics for $75.  Seems to me like someone was 
trying to make the most money on the pt.  Well i agreed 
to try the non custom orthotics.  Payed my full bill on 
the way out, because I was never going back to that foot 
doctor.  I told my mom i didn't like her from the 
   Well the next week i started Physical therapy.  The 
therapist, tried everything to get me to have the heel 
touch the ground.  When it did touch the ground the pain 
was a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 the worst.  The 
therapist did a bunch of different things to the foot 
including electrical stim, problem was i would sweat the 
electrodes off.  She had to tape them down just to keep 
it semi there.   I also showed the therapist the right 
orthotic had an area of moisture, sweat.  The left one 
did not.  She told me with the swelling and the sweat 
she felt my sympathetic nervous system was confused.  I 
also showed the endo the moisture in the rt orthotic she 
said "I don't Know". After 3 weeks of therapy and not 
achieving any notable gains.  I asked the therapist if 
she felt a 2nd opinion was a good idea.  She said yes.  
I asked do i go to another podiatrist or an 
orthopedist.  She said try an orthopedist, they may have 
a different look at the same problem.   Made an 
appointment with the orthopedist.  He barely touched the 
foot, called for the results of the x ray.  He put the 
foot in a aircast, moon boot i call it. and a night 
splint.  Cause the tendon was irritated.  He said the 
aircast let the tendon relax during the day and at night 
the night brace stretched the tendon.   I wore both 
these things for about a month.  The air cast did allow 
me to plant the heel slightly but as the 2nd therapist 
noted, i even modified to keep the heel off the ground 
as much as possible.  I went back to the heel doc a 
month later.  He said he had no idea what else to do 
with me but would i like to try accupuncture.  At this 
point in time....i would have tried anything.  I said 
sure, So i made an appointment with the accupuncter 
doctor.  Another orthopedist in this practice.  Well 
when i went to see this doctor, She actually looked at 
the foot and  realized it was sensitive to the touch.  
She sent me for another round of physical therapy while 
the office checked to see if Accupunture was covered 
under my insurance.  I called myself and was told it was 
covered under certain diagnosises.   I went back to that 
doc in 2 weeks, not much had changed.  Doctor gave me 
neurotonin for the nerve pain, cause she thought I may 
have RSD.  I was still toe walking in the boot.  
Therapist asked for another round of therapy to try 
getting it into a shoe.  Therapist had me buy heel 
cushions so that the tendon would be relaxed i did.  The 
therapist got me into shoes but i was not able to plant 
the heel when i walked without excruciating pain.  So i 
still toe Walked.  I went back to the doctor for a third 
visit.  This time she decided that i did have RSD and it 
was time for me to see a pain management specialist.   I 
was sent to the pain management specialist with a note 
from this doc.  The pain doctor, came in and said, you 
can't have RSD, you have a shoe and a sock on the foot.  
But to confirm that you don't I will have you scheduled 
for an epidural sympathetic block on Monday, Wednesday, 
Thursday and the following Monday.  The doctor told me 
if it were diabetic neuropathy, which he felt it was the 
epidural blocks would not work.  I went back that monday 
for the epidural block and the amazement of the doc and 
his nurse the block worked.  I actually had 12 hrs of 
pain relief.  Went back for the block on wednesday and 
got 16 hrs of pain relief.  On thursday the first pain 
doc did the epidural, he was very happy with what we 
were achieving.   I told him i had gone from Hell to 
heaven in a week.  I went for a number of epidural 
blocks, i don't remember the number but a lot.  The time 
period without pain did increase it little bits and 
pieces.  Till i was down to two days a week for blocks.  
The doctor felt i was undoing his blocks because of the 
heel spur.  Sent me to another podiatrist. This 
podiatrist taped up the foot and ankle and put me on an 
anti inflammatory for 10 days.  I even played softball 
that night, ran and everything.  I went for another 
block on Thursday of that week.  Doctor told me to play 
softball that night also.  Big mistake.  I took 3 steps 
down the 1st base line and the pain returned worse then 
ever.  I was crushed.  Was Schedule to go for the last 
two epidurals the next week.  I told the pain doctors 
partner and nurse, about the pain returning to worse.  
They did the blocks that week, which let me function.  I 
then waited another week and a half to contact them when 
the pain returned with a vengence.  Called the wednesday 
after Labor day and Said i think i need another block.  
They called on thursday for me to come in on Friday.  I 
went in on Friday.  The doc tried to do a Beers block, 
but could not find the vien in the foot.  So did another 
epidural sympathetic block.  Doctor also told me, if my 
insurance would approve it he would like to admit me to 
the hospital on Monday to do a continuous epidural for 3 
days.   Insurance approved and I was admitted to the 
hospital for 4 days.  Doc told me upon discharge i was 
not to run on the foot for 3 months.  I was home from 
the hospital 24-48 hrs. when i reinjured the foot.  I 
slipped off my moms toes and the heel hit the ground 
hard.   I was in tears.  Talked to the doctors secretary 
that Monday, scheduling a follow up appointment and PT, 
she asked me how the foot was and i told her.  She told 
the doctor.  Well I ran into the doc that Saturday at 
Church.  He asked me how the foot was and i told 
him "not good".  He told me to call his secretary on 
Monday for an appointment with a Doctor in princeton.  I 
was "out of his league".  Did that and went to the 
doctor in princeton.  He looked briefly at the foot, 
told me it was not RSD, cause the foot was not turning 
colors.  But was a heel spur with pain to touch.  Go 
have the heel spur surgery and be cured.  Well it took 
this doc over a week to send a report to the first doc, 
in the meantime i was in agony.  Got a call from the 
podiatrist to schedule the heel spur surgery.  October 
24th.  After making my nice niece cry i called the pain 
doc for strong pain killers to get me through the 2 
weeks.  They prescribed percocet.   Went for the heel 
spur surgery and saw the pain doc.  Told him if this 
didn't work i was giving the foot to shamu.  he offered 
to cut the foot off for me.  Well now we are 3 weeks 
post op on the heel spur. And the pain is no better 
maybe even worse.  Today the podiatrist, said he would 
like me to see the General practitioner, because of the 
increased swelling, wanted them to do a full work up, 
but the doc said no, cause everything is the same.  
Podiatrist also wanted me to see a neurologist about the 
pain.  Well when i wen to see the GP, the doc and i had 
a long discussion about what i should do next.  He told 
me he would prefer I see a neurologist then a pain 
doctor. Cause most pain docs treat the pain and not the 
cause of the pain.  Recommended i find a neurologist in 
Philadelphia or NYC with a teaching hospital, because 
even though they may not be the most personable docs 
there will be many people looking at my problems and 
hopefully finding the root of the swelling and pain.   
So I am asking If anyone knows of a good neurologist in 
either NYC or Philadelphia please let me know. Thanks. 
Sorry this was so long. 
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