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[IP] How my surgery went and how I am today - long

Well, list, I had my fistula/graft done to prep me for dialysis. I said a
few weeks ago I'd post more about my experience later. It is now later. ;)

I did get to talk to the anesthesiologist the day before surgery. He wanted
me to cut my basal in half that day. He didn't really understand about
Humalog and pumping. We spent about 20 min. together then. At 3:00 a.m. I
was 130. At 8:00 a.m. 213; at 9:30 (surgery 10:45) 184 and while in the
recovery room 164.  That was w/o cutting any basals or eating anything.

The armologist sliced my elbow pit and could not find a good artery & vein
to put a graft/fistula so inserted a loop in my forearm. I thought it was
bovine but today he showed me a Gortex tube like he inserted. He said it is
called a fistula/graft. The bovine ones ended up leaking so they don't use
that type anymore.

Back to the hosp.  I was taken to a room for overnight since the surgery was
more extensive. I was given a supper meal (can't recall what - H.S.) and
marked my list for the following day's meals. The breakfast consisted of
coffee (haven't had a cup in my life - ewwwww), Rice Krispies, reg.
cranberry juice cocktail, Lo-Pro milk, and something else (10/24). The
instructions written on it by someone else: Renal diet, No concentrated
sweets, 3 g Potassium, 3 g sodium. Oh, yeah, each meal included 2 packets
SUGAR and no artificial sweetener.  My favorite CDE who was *helping* me in
the absence of my dismissed endo brought me some 2% milk and graham

My *lunch* (I ordered a fresh fruit plate & 2% milk) was a very dead piece
of chicken, spinach, and rice. It was NOT what I had ordered. I didn't eat
that either. It also included 2 packets of SUGAR with instructions for NO
concentrated sweets and the other etc.  DUH!  I expected to be gone between
10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

South Bend was hit by 4-5 tornadoes that afternoon and my friend who took me
had come at noon to take me to her house. I kept asking for the dr. to
dismiss me. I DIDN'T GET OUT OF THERE UNTIL 7:30 P.M. !!!!! A *cohort* of
his had to sign me out since he forgot I was there. grrrrrrrrrrr!

I had a removable cast which I had to wear constantly making it difficult to
do anything. I could not button, hook, snap, or even the all-important ETC!
I stayed with that friend that night (found out we were w/o power for 17
hrs. due to those storms - good thing I was with her cuz we didn't have heat
and other stuff). She had to go to work the next a.m. so I called another
couple from church and they picked me up. My hugsband (a trucker) happened
to be home so he came and got me - he didn't know where I was. He didn't
have a load that day so next a.m. took me to another couple's house where I
could rest and pop Vicodin. I had a lot of pain and seepage.

By now it was the weekend and hugsy was home w/me. On Sun. night he took me
back to the last house and I stayed 2 nights. They took me to the armologist
for checkup. When my incision was unwrapped I said (through tears) *I'm not
going to cry!* :(((

I was taken to another house on Tues. a.m. where that friend washed my hair
(using her kitchen sink spray) and curled it, painted my (ugly) nails, and
helped change my infusion set. From there I went to other friends' house
where they took me to the dr. to get my stitches out (OUCH!). I was told to
wear the cast to sleep so I wouldn't bend my arm. I then went to 2 elderly
sisters' house. Their garage is ADORABLE! They have shelves filled with
China dolls, treasure chests, books, pics of flowers, etc. I commented about
no tools and the darling stuff. They said, "Well, this is a *lady* garage!"
;)  I wanted to use their computer but was told no one was allowed to touch
it. I could watch TV as long as it stayed on FOX news. At another house the
guy had it set for no cookies, therefore, I could not retrieve my mail nor
show her how to get an internet ans. mach.

I started driving last week. Whew! Oh, I was told I'd have less pain when I
stopped taking pain pills. DUH!!! I'm taking a couple Tylenol a day now. ;)

Today I returned to the armologist and he said all is well and he's done
w/me. I can now sleep w/o the cast. I've been camping out on the couch which
is kind of restricting so I won't lie on my left side tempting me to want to
bend my arm. He also said it's ready to use for dialysis when needed. I see
my nephrologist 11/26/01.

I was *singing the praises* of our new ins. co. (8/1/01) about the 13 vials
of EPO for $30 and the *iced* mail-order insulin from Merck-Medco. Well,
that was short-lived! We have a $500 deductible for in-network and $3,000.00
deductible for out-of-network and the armologist is NOT in network. His bill
is over $2,000.00!!!!! Hugsy still has a job but won't in spring or
earlier - that's why this surgery was pushed through now - while we still
have ins. Also, found out nephrologist is not in network. Been seeing him
for 7 yrs. and there are no other ones around here. He's in a group/office
and they all have the same carriers. Neph's office is working on it. What to

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. (~_^)

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