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Re: [IP] Reality


  To be perfectly honest, I, as Joshua's mom, decided to wear his backup pump 
to help him overcome his fears of site changes.  So for two weeks I wore the 
pump, checked BGs, logged everything, bolused using his ratios (oh, using 
saline of course) and then Josh changed my sites.  Well, I was only aware of 
wearing the pump when it came time to eat!  I knew I had to count my carbs 
and figure out my 'bolus' and then do it. (Josh was checking my log book!!!)  
And really, that was the only time.  I wore a baby sock up by my shoulder 
under my nite shirt and put the pump in there at night.  I was never even 
aware of it being there.  And that was the time I was most concerned about!  
If you wear any jewlery or glasses you get used to wearing those.  You will 
also get used to wearing the pump.  Really!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua-who is no longer afraid of site changes!
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