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Re: [IP] *sigh* how can you test basals when you're constantly

> I've only been pumping for a few weeks but thought I might have
> something to add. For the first week I was correcting  when I was
> high, then once I went back to the CDE she informed me not to
> correct for the highs because I was still dialing in my basal rate.
> maybe take a couple days without correcting for the highs and adjust
> your basal from that. 

Sounds like your CDE needs to get some more training. If  you are 
spilling glucose in your urine, you cannot get meaningful bg readings 
that would allow you to adjust basal rates. You CAN do this if you 
keep track of high bg boluses and keep bg's in range. It will not be 
accurate, but will allow you to get the basal rate in the right 
ballpark range that will then allow you to get good bg data points to 
adjust your basal. I'd suggest reading the sections in Pumping 
Insulin about profiling basal requirements. Might be good reading for 
the CDE as well.

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