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[IP] nitrous oxide

I checked with my diabetic grandpa who is a dentist and he stated that
there should be no problems. You may to be sure her blood sugars are not
too low, or maybe a little elevated (150-165) to be sure she does not go
low while "under." His big question was why are you using nitrous? He
assumed that she is very scared or squirmy and that would be a good
reason to use it. Otherwise he thought that it was unnecessary, Novocain
should be fine without the worries of lows.

As a funny aside I had to get a cavity filled once, of course my grandpa
did it. I was so sick of shots by then that I refused the Novocain. So I
got my cavity filled without any pain killers. I DO NOT recommend doing
this. To say it hurt is an understatement. I still cannot believe he let
me do that , but I ddi learn that needles can be your friend (once

Amy Anderson
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