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[IP] I have no more insurance


COBRA is federal, so the coverage has to be offered in every state *in the 
United States*. However, Jennifer lives in Canada, and U.S. law doesn't apply 

Jan and Elvis

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email @ redacted writes:

<< My mom found out tonight that after January we will no longer have our
 insurance. Her company is closing on January 26. Im sure she will have a job
 by then........... please let this be true for her sake...... HAs anyone ran
 out of insurance before? what happens?
 "the best thing about the internet- everyone looks the same :) "
  YJennifer Hughes Y
 ,email @ redacted
 The only advice I can really give you is that you're going to have to pay the
 Cobra coverage until you get insurance -- if you want your diabetes to be
 covered.  Otherwise, your diabetes will be considered a pre-existing 
 and will not be covered for usually a year, but sometimes less, sometimes
 more.  And -- Cobra coverage costs a whole lot more than what you're paying
 now -- cause right now your employer (Oops -- your mom's employer) is 
 paying a huge chunk.  When I lost my insurance -- at work I was paying $372 a
 month for insurance (family coverage) - Cobra would have been right at $1000 
 month.  Thank goodness  my husband's employer was able to add us July 1 - 
 dropped June 30 - but I didn't find out until July 12!!
 That's the way it works in Illinois anyway.  I'm not sure on this if its a
 state to state thing - or federal. >>
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