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Re: [IP] Reality

In a message dated 11/15/2001 10:15:29 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> 1)  the tubing is only so long, so going to the bathroom/changing clothes 
> be tricky because you have to consider how far
>  the pump is going to be from your body.    This took a few days to get 
> to, but I've now managed to automatically either
>  account for it in my movements and generally have subconscious awareness 
> it , or I just disconnect (I've got quick release,
>  and I love it!) for the few moments it takes.

My daughter (age 10, but 5' 1") chose to go with the long tubing (43") for 
her infusion sets because of just this issue.  She just tucks the extra 
tubing inside her clothing, where it's immediately "available" when she's 
involved in some movement that requires more tubing.  With the 43" tubing, 
she can lay her pump on the floor, on the bed, or on the bathroom counter 
when she's changing or getting ready.  And at night it means she can tuck the 
pump under her pillow without her site getting tugged on.  Though having so 
much tubing can be a pain in its own way (as compared to going with the short 
tubing), but I thought I'd point out that there is always that option and 
that it does work best for some pumpers like my daughter . . .

Pumpmama to Katie
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