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Re: [IP] Reality

Dear Deanna (and others concerned about the potential "Real" problems of wearing a pump)
I started wearing my pump several weeks ago and found that there were indeed a few problems/irritations at first.  However,
even after only a short time, I've gotten used to them and they don't bother me much any more.
(1)  the tubing is only so long, so going to the bathroom/changing clothes can be tricky because you have to consider how far
the pump is going to be from your body.    This took a few days to get used to, but I've now managed to automatically either
account for it in my movements and generally have subconscious awareness of it , or I just disconnect (I've got quick release,
and I love it!) for the few moments it takes.
(2)  you do have to remember to give a bolus for snacks.  I used to have a few regular snack times to prevent lows, and the
long-term insulin covered those, but now when I want to have a snack I have to bolus for it.  Again, I think this gets to be
more automatic with time.

(3)  more testing than you may have been used to doing before.  Don't know how many times you are testing now, but I am finding
I need to increase blood sugar testing from about 4 times daily to now about 6 or 7 times daily.  I was carrying my meter with
me before, so that's not a big change.

(4) there is more "stuff" to carry around or have in an emergency kit.  Extra infusion sets, tape, reservoirs, etc. take up
some more room than syringes etc. for traveling -- you have to be prepared to change a set so I have to keep a kit ready at
work.  I had a kit before but not with this much in it!

Don't know if anybody else has others to add -- these are the ones I came up with.
That said, I am amazed at how quickly I have gotten past all these potential problems.   As I am sure many pumpers have said
and will say to you, the pump is definitely worth the trouble for me -- but you need to weigh the pros and cons for yourself.

Good luck!
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