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Re: [IP] another insurance question

At 10:47 AM 11/15/2001, you wrote:
>I would be interested to hear from any adult pumpers who made the transition
>from being covered by their parents insurance to handling their own insurance
>needs.  Will my son have a difficult time getting health insurance that covers
>all his pumping needs?  Any suggestions would be most welcome  - I do have
>lots of time as my son is only 12!

My transition was 20+ years ago. The first answer to your question is NO. 
If he takes a job with an employer with a major group plan they almost all 
cover diabetic supplies and needs and if he enrolls during the usual open 
enrollment period for a new employee there is little problem. Of course the 
devil is in the details and all the plans differ in a lot of the details. 
Which ones match your definitions of "all his pumping needs" is definitely 
an individual thing.

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