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[IP] From Bonnie Richardson to Deanna

Deanna Said>>>>However, my greatest concern remains the transition of having something attached to me all the time. So far, everyone kind of tosses this aside and says "You'll love it." I have a hard time believing it's that simple. <<<<<I

Haven't you ever really feared something, then you did it and felt  "oh! that was easy"? (does the question mark go outside with this kind of quote??-don't remember)  

Well, that is what the fear of being attached to something 24/7 is like.  It simply isn't a big deal after you experience it.   Most pumpers have found that it is just a thing you hook in your pocket, clip on your pants/waistband, put in your panty hose, clip on your nightgown, whatever.   Mine has dropped in toilet, fallen in bathtub when I was too lazy to unhook it, dragged on the floor when I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Those are just the weird moments.  No problems with any of the above, just keep on going.  

My personal experience is that "wearing the pump" is just something you do, like wearing shoes or something.  It becomes a part of you so quickly it is hard to explain.  

The first night I had it, when I went to bed, au natural, I held onto the pump all night, I was so afraid it would quit sending me insulin.     The second night I just tossed it in bed went to sleep...all was well in the am.  I take it off for swimming or exercise, that works for me.  For intimate moments, I may or may not take it off, depending on the circumstances....

My pump is always my portable pancreas and I cannot live without it, so therefore it is always an accepted part of me.   

Now, sorry this is so long...and yes, 3500 of us are pro pump, because it has given us so much freedom and better health.     I anticipate your email, after your first week, saying , "well, that was easy!"
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL
MM since 1994
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