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Re: [IP] Reality


You sound just like me!  I considered going on the pump for FIVE YEARS before 
I did it--and the ONLY thing that held me back was the concern about being 
attached.  I hated the idea that even when walking around the house without 
clothes, I'd have to hold this thing.

You said you didn't think it was likely you'd wake up after one day with the 
pump and love it---well, sorry, girl, but that's exactly what happened to me! 
 LOL   After all those concerns, and the long wait, I *did* experience no 
hard transition.  I think part of the reason is that I was very ready.  
Another is that I had not realized I could disconnect easily and be off of it 
for an hour or longer with no problem.  (And my doctor said any time I wanted 
to be off it for vacation or a special evening or whatever, I could easily go 
back to Lantus for that period.  I wasn't trapped, in other words.)  Further, 
I just FELT GOOD knowing that I was finally taking care of myself the right 
way--and that, for me, made a big difference in my attitude.

I also worried I wouldn't be able to sleep with it--but with the 43" tubing I 
have never ever had a problem.

Believe me, I think most women (maybe more than men because of the cosmetic 
aspect) have the same concern you do.  We are pro-pumpers now, but we weren't 
always!  Once I got on this list and learned how to even hide it while 
wearing a slinky dress, I was set.   :-)

all the best,
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