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Re: [IP] *sigh* how can you test basals when you're constantly correcting?!

At 08:27 AM 11/15/2001, you wrote:
>well, the subject line says it all...  my bg's have been funky on and off
>for a couple of weeks now...  i suspect that my basal needs have changed,
>but every time i try to test them, i'm low or high, and have to
>correct...  wait four hours...  and repeat!  i've managed to stop

Your basal test sounds successful. If you skip a meal and the associated 
bolus and your BG goes up then the basal test has successful told you that 
your rates probably need to be raise in the preceding period (3-4 
hrs).  Raise it and try again the next day. It may take several adjustments 
until you get things close enough to correct so that you can go the whole 
test period without adjustment.

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