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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #562

That is unbelievable!  Sounds like this nurse has a power trip and is part 
of the "old school"!  Isn't the Dr. in charge?  Don't give up!  If your 
daughter gets the pump shortly after being dx'd - maybe she will see this 
disease as a manageable part of her daily life and won't be so afraid or 
intimidated by what it involves.  Sometimes people think they know what is 
best for us.   I say - let that nurse or her family member have Diabetes for 
a day and see how she would react.  Sure she'd be wanting the pump in no 



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>Subject: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #562
>Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 20:33:05 EST
>HELP!  I have asked before for moral support and always the responses are
>great.  I need more than that today.  My story is as follows: My 9 year old
>daughter was dx 9-2001.  We want her on a pump ASAP.  We discussed this 
>the traveling Dr. who only comes to our town every other month.  He agreed
>and his nurse heard him say he didn't think it would be a problem getting 
>daughter on a pump.  We were thrilled and started doing our homework.  We
>then contacted Animas and they contacted the Doctor got the order and then
>the insurance company gave their approval.  I thought all was well.  We
>scheduled the pump trail and the actual date to have the pump started. 
>that's when the nurse went crazy on us.  She believes that children should
>suffer for at least one year with shots before a pump should be started so
>that when the pump  difficulties occur they won't complain.  I went crazy
>with this type of statement.  She then did what I think is the unthinkable
>she contacted the traveling Doctor and believe it or not he rescinded his
>order.  I didn't get a call for anyone about the change in plans.   I 
>Animas only to be told by them what had happened. I have written a letter 
>the Doctor and faxed it to his home, called his office and also called his
>home with no response.  I am obviously looking for another Doctor. I need
>help in finding a Doctor preferably in the Seattle area.  I have family in
>Seattle and could easily stay in that area for an extended period of time
>while getting my daughter on the pump.  I need Doctor's names who are 
>to start a newly dx child on a pump and are committed to the pump.  My
>daughter is home schooled and constantly monitored.  I am a non-practicing
>nurse and have researched the pump pros and cons.  Anyone that knows of 
>a doctor I would be ever so appreciative to hear from.  Ann
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