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[IP] More stuff about Novolog

From: "Dr. Joe, The Diabetes Doctor" <email @ redacted>
Subject: E-News 11/15/01

All the published studies compare insulin aspart (NovoLog) to human 
insulin. When administered intravenously, NovoLog has the same safety 
profile as human insulin and the same response to hypoglycemia.

Of special note, compared to human insulin,
7 It is absorbed twice as fast
7 Reaches maximum concentrations twice as high.
7 After meal glucose control is better

After meal glucose is better even when given just before a meal and the 
human insulin is 30 minutes before the meal. It is better even when given 
15 minutes after the meal.

Despite this rapid onset the late glucose levels are well controlled too, 
but with a 50% drop in serious hypoglycemia.

Most importantly, the patients really like this new insulin. They tell us,
7 They use much less insulin, as much as 30% less
7 It does work faster, 15 minutes faster
7 It does last "longer" meaning the glucose stays down after meals.

We seem to be losing that "insulin resistance" that would sometimes happen 
with shots or a pump that represents continued elevation of the after meal 
glucose. Great!

Dr. Joe, the Diabetes Doctor
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