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Re: [IP] Reality

Deanna - when you have your pump on and it's late afternoon or early evening when your NPH used to peak and you HAD to eat and you are out enjoying the world and don't want to stop - you'll love your pump.

When you friends want to go out to eat - and the wait is longer than 10 minutes - and you are fine - you are going to love your pump.

When you sleep peacefully through the night (once your get done with doing those icky 3 amer BG checks to get your basals correct) - you'll love your pump.

When you get your a1c back and it's come down - you are gonna love your pump.

Does carrying a wallet with ID bother you? You should already be carrying a meter all the time, what about wearing an ID bracelet - the pump is no more annoying that those are. 

It's a conversation starter - it's a friend - it's just there.  There is a good reason that so many people have named their pumps - it just seems natural.  Good Luck

Linda & Dax
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