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Re: [IP] Reality

On 15 Nov 2001, at 1:19, email @ redacted wrote:

> i guess i wont say "you will hardly notice it"  or that " iwas just
> like th girl in the minimed movie and forgot that i was wearing it" (
> bt these are true statements...) Anyways, maybe you could start now by
> wearing a beeper or something of that size on you for 24 hours until

What some have done is to tape a yoyo string to their abdomen.  
The yoyo is approximately the size and weight of a pump and you 
definitely get the feeling of "being connected" with it taped to you.

> you do get used to it, until you get your pump. TRy to think of ways
> that you will be able to include your pump into your wardrobe, and
> your everyday life. Good luck ! its more scary than you think it is :)

I'm thinking Jennifer meant "your being scared beforehand makes it 
seem worse than it will actually turn out"   At least I think that is 
what she meant because that is what happened with me (my fear 
was the "always have a needle stuck in you" phobia)    :>o

You might very well find that the pump is a lot more fun than the 
yoyo, but then again, you might enjoy a yoyo more!    ;>)

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