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HELP!  I have asked before for moral support and always the responses are 
great.  I need more than that today.  My story is as follows: My 9 year old 
daughter was dx 9-2001.  We want her on a pump ASAP.  We discussed this with 
the traveling Dr. who only comes to our town every other month.  He agreed 
and his nurse heard him say he didn't think it would be a problem getting my 
daughter on a pump.  We were thrilled and started doing our homework.  We 
then contacted Animas and they contacted the Doctor got the order and then 
the insurance company gave their approval.  I thought all was well.  We 
scheduled the pump trail and the actual date to have the pump started. Well, 
that's when the nurse went crazy on us.  She believes that children should 
suffer for at least one year with shots before a pump should be started so 
that when the pump  difficulties occur they won't complain.  I went crazy 
with this type of statement.  She then did what I think is the unthinkable 
she contacted the traveling Doctor and believe it or not he rescinded his 
order.  I didn't get a call for anyone about the change in plans.   I called  
Animas only to be told by them what had happened. I have written a letter to 
the Doctor and faxed it to his home, called his office and also called his 
home with no response.  I am obviously looking for another Doctor. I need 
help in finding a Doctor preferably in the Seattle area.  I have family in 
Seattle and could easily stay in that area for an extended period of time 
while getting my daughter on the pump.  I need Doctor's names who are willing 
to start a newly dx child on a pump and are committed to the pump.  My 
daughter is home schooled and constantly monitored.  I am a non-practicing 
nurse and have researched the pump pros and cons.  Anyone that knows of such 
a doctor I would be ever so appreciative to hear from.  Ann
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