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[IP] RE: hungry? and carrots

A 7" long, 1 1/4" diameter raw carrot, has 35 calories, 8
gms total carb, 2 gms, fiber, 5 gms of "sugars",
1 gm of protein, no fat, glycemic index about 72-90.  (I
would suspect the 90 value is attached to a cooked carrot,
but was not able to locate that info.)  Eating a few raw
carrot sticks will hardly cause major problems with your BG
control.   A valid suggestion was made.  Bolus for the
carrot, if you need to do that, but some people do not need
to bolus for raw foods that are less than one cup in
measure.  If high glycemic index foods cause problems for
you (or if you need to avoid them), try other food to fill
the void.  Diet jello comes to mind, but the thought doesn't
linger there for long.  :<)
As we all say here, YYMV.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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